Welcome to “Timeless Treasures Forever!” Timeless Treasures Forever is a lifestyle blog where I write about faith, family, fashion, food, friendships, the breadcrumbs of life, and anything else that nibbles at my heart. Timeless Treasures Forever blog is my personal gift to each of you. It allows me to encourage, and share everyday life by being transparent. By being transparent, God’s light is able to penetrate through me, for all to embrace freely. When I think of my relationship, and TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills) from God, I see authenticity to the reality of the everyday demands, and the unexpected chaos life can sometimes bring.  Being the original me, where I am able to  just be .

My personal quote: Share your light from God, for others to be embraced,  enhanced, and encourage through their day-to-day experiences! We are to blossom to our full potential, and purpose, so therefore we need light (God) to grow, and blossom.

I absolutely love the hearts of all who gather here to read, comment, and share my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills), and my latest cravings for creativity in every nook and cranny. Blogging would be meaningless without each of you, and impossible, and empty without God. I can do nothing without Him!

I would love to hear your feedback, comments, questions, and concerns about “Timeless Treasures Forever!” You can also share your own ideas here too (there’s room for more hearts) . I will try to respond to every question I get, as quickly as possible.  Feel free to send me an email at s_wiggs74 @yahoo.com. Please visit my store: http://www.timelesstreasures4ever.com, and be captured by creativity, and inspired by my love for God, and people (this includes you).

Timeless Treasures forever birth date: May, 2013.




I'm a servant of Christ, and so much more. Always working on my internal being which reflects my external being. This is my life with Christ & His gift of Creativity to me. Do share your thoughts!

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