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Where is your faith? Often I have to search my heart, and ask would God consider me a faithful servant? I would have to answer, Yes. Though, some days it feels like the size of a mustard seed. I guess that’s sufficient according to the Bible. Especially,on days of the unexpected. It’s like fear knocking at my door, and faith answering. Otherwise, I will be a total wreck. Thank you Jesus, for mercy & grace.

I decided to design something that was young at heart (refreshing), vibrant, and fun. So if you haven’t figured out by now. I love butterflies! Yes, butterflies are beautiful to look at, but hard to catch. Well, how ironic. This is how I feel about faith. It is beautiful to act in faith or see someone else exemplify faith during the most difficult times of their life.

But often faith is hard to hold onto. When storms arise that we cannot fathom, we start to doubt, lose hope, or wander if we had faith to begin with. Does this happen to you? Well, the butterflies also means transformation. Yes, from cocoon (mother’s womb for us) to adulthood. We are physically, and spiritually maturing. So don’t be hard on yourself.

Jesus, never said it would be easy. He said, “It’s Possible!” So that’s how this shirt came to be. So no, I don’t thank God it’s Friday. I thank God I’m faithful because I can depend on Him through life obstacles. How comforting to lean, or better yet just dump it all in Jesus hands. Yes! Friday’s are not promised, but if you have faith in Christ; it truly doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.

So share your faith by spreading your faith with one of these awesome shirts. You can gift one to a friend, or a stranger. Each shirt purchased will allow 10% to go to a charity. Giving back to the community is showing love (God’s love). After all, everything that I Am and have belongs to Him.

I love that this shirt can be worn as casual wear,or dressed up.

Option 1: Pair with some jeans,or skirt, and pink or black pumps. Add a pink or black waist length blazer. I’m ready for winter. Accessorize with some of our pink stackable bracelets, or make it personal with a matching hand. stamp cuff, titled TGIF (Thank God I’m Faithful). Just place a custom order.

Option 2: Anyway you choose too. Be creative and faithful at the same time. Maybe a church, or women group shirt. It’s just a great message.

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