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Hi, I have so much to share. God truly has been a light that I follow daily.  Even when doubt, or fear tries to creep in. I had to take a step back, and refine myself while renewing my spirit. I had many questions for God. Like my purpose and my gifts. I felt like I was at a standstill. But God was always there. The baby steps were there too, but I didn’t seem to notice them.

Remember baby steps are progress. Yes!

My purpose is to serve others using my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills). Serving others by motivating, encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting them when they seem to lose hope in Christ. Reminding them through my journey and story, that they too have a divine purpose. You have a story the world needs. Your story is needed for that special someone(s). Yes!

Serving others doesn’t mean being a doormat!

I stepped back and trusted God with all the negative seeds many were planting in my garden. The forecast of you will fail, ringing in my ears. How can you fail doing what you love to do? The non-supporters who I called friends. Those who I thought was for me, but was against me, while smiling in my face. I decided to have a sit down, and I even through tantrums of loving others, and not being loved in return. But God showed up and asked me a question. ” Do you believe?”

That word pondered my spirit. The tears dropped uncontrollably. I had to make a honest decision, and choice at that moment. My heart said yes! So often you will find me writing yes, after a comment or post. It’s my little promise to God to never give up on Him, and His love. Because He already promised not to give up on me. To know I can trust Him. That I don’t need man because as long as I have Jesus, He is enough. Yes!

So I’m delighted and overjoyed with this simple shirt with such a powerful action behind it, YOU! This month is breast cancer month. But when I think of Cancer, it’s not limited to a few who were diagnosed.  It applies to every heart that exist.  We all battle some kind of Cancer, that affects us. There are many Cancers that tear at our spirit. Like drugs, alcoholism, porn, gossip, betrayal, stealing, laziness, pride, material things, bitterness, jealousy, envy approval of others, etc. The list goes on.

That’s why we need Jesus everyday. To diminish the Cancer that tries to control us. So this shirt is more than a shirt. This shirt is available for pre-sale for $15 until October 13th. God has given me the courage to believe in myself without the approval of man. I have such a balance and love for Him. He showed up and open doors that I didn’t know even existed.

I had to step away, and allow God to lift me up. He did so much more. Many will not understand your dreams, and visions. Why? It’s between you and God. Whatever, it is you are passionate about. Please don’t allow the world to take it away. Your gifts are contributions to God’s kingdom. Yes, God has a divine plan for you. If you just believe. Do you believe, today? If you have time please visit my online store and take a peek of how God has guided me and blessed me.

It’s still a process in progress. It will never be perfect, but it’s perfected in love. God’s love intertwined with my heart. Yes! I’m ready for elevation. I no longer exist, but I’m living.

This is just the beginning. I’m learning so much. But most importantly, I’m having fun. Yes, fun. Jesus is so much fun. We laugh a lot too. I’m just overjoyed that He loves me. Because we all seek to be loved. Well, I guess that’s all for now. So go visit and be inspired!

So the Believe shirt design is simple. Heart over I means: my love for Christ (heart for God) is bigger that self.  I will believe in Him. By believing in Him my flesh may fail, but my soul lives forever.

My new logo I chose are the three butterflies (trinity). They range from small, medium to large. This represents spiritual growth (transformation). Words, Timeless Treasures Forever we are in Christ! Yes, we are timeless treasures to Christ forever! I wanted something that can stand the test of times, as the world evolves and change.

Timeless Treasures logo (1)