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Listen for God


Satan is very busy. Busy doing what? He is busy keeping us busy. As long as we are before God, meditating on God. There is power, and God gives us authority over the enemy through Him. The enemy has to do one simple act. Keep the believers busy with material things, activities and thoughts of the world. Yep, that’s it. Because if he can keep us busy then we are speaking and sharing scriptures but not living . Therefore we appear to the unbelievers as hypocrites, false preaching and one big joke.

So Satan gets to roll out the red carpet with all God’s people walking away from truth and into a trap of lies and eternal damnation. So how does He keep us busy?

photo credit: animalkingdommovie.com

Satan keeps us busy doing nothing Godly.

  • He provides material things unpleasing to God for us to purchase and go over debt in.
  • Overspend our budget so we are depleted in funds and rob God of His 10% tithes
  • Have us working long empty, exhausting hours that keeps us from intimacy or serving Him.
  • Lack of family time which causes division and chaos.
  • Overstimulated our minds with electronics, and video games so we cannot hear the voice of God.
  • Give false hope of lottery winnings and scratch offs. Believing we will get rich scheme, instead of realizing the real riches God gives to us can’t be bought. Like family.
  • Provide other reading material like magazines, Playboy, sports news so we have no time to see the Bible collecting dust.
  • Cause men to lust with supermodels and porn stars so they can be discontent and unattractive to their mates. Causing divorce rates to increase.
  • Whisper jealousy, loser, overweight, too skinny, ugly, and many other unpleasing words to  create war and not peace.
  • Keep couples preoccupied with other things so they have no time for intimate relations and seek it elsewhere.
  • Make us believe we are stronger than God and can work in our own self. Never experiencing God’s power.
  • Using death of love ones to make us turn against God. Satan says, God play mind games by giving and taking away from us.

God doesn’t give our kids drugs. God doesn’t tell women to sell their body for money. God doesn’t honor adultery. God is not for fornication where boys and girls are having sex early resulting in single parenting, abortion, or diseases. God doesn’t poor alcohol down our throat or make us smoke our lungs away. We do that all by ourselves.

God says try Him out. Read your bible, give me your undivided attention, live by my commandments and I will bless you, comfort you, heal you give you rest and peace. Plus a lot more.

Satan wants to keep you, and I busy with sweet nothings.

B  Being U Under S Satan’s Y Yoke

  If you are blogging the good news it’s fine. If you’re using social medias to share God’s word or encourage others. Awesome. Just know everything has a time and place. If God directs you to do something then He will protect what belongs to Him. The enemy is having Christians pulled. You have Christians who say they love Jesus deleting their sisters and brothers in Christ without confessing the faults they found. It’s not God’s word. If you not uniting then it’s not God. If it causes division and you serving the same God. Something is wrong with that picture. If you are the initial cause of division among God’s people then fix it.

Are we working in self? Are we showing love or pretending? Are we loving the unloved? Are we loving those who look different but are made of the same cloth? Jesus is my father as well as yours. Are we so prejudice? Sampson belonged to God. David belonged to God. Why are we here today? Your work is not finished is what God is saying each day we wake up and not being judged for eternal placement.

* Philippians 3:10


Are you playing mind games when others show love? Are you one who is so above others and think you better? Are you arrogant because you are a well-known symbol in the world? Maybe you have forgotten who blesses you. Do you not help your sisters and brothers come up the ladder too? You to busy with fame instead of praising the Heavenly Father’s name. Give God some praise you will never be the same!

Stay Busy for God. (Being Under Scriptures Yoke). Glory to God!