Choose wisely, Jesus is in the room watching you. I know because He is with me making sure every detail is given to you. Be blessed.

Be Better Not Bitter

Jesus gives you option, which is the, “Green Button” (going home to Heaven). Which says you can go straight to Heaven. No more suffering, abuse, betrayal, hurt, pain, sickness, death, loss or aging. You get a new body as soon as you hit the green button.


You can choose option 2 which is the “Red Button” (Staying on earth). Which means you will suffer, experience loss, pain, betrayal, bruises, hunger, loss of shelter, friends and death one day. You will age and become all wrinkly like prunes, possibly lose control of your bowels, but with the guarantee of still coming to Heaven later on one day.

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For the true Christian, this isn’t hard. I would personally choose the “Red Button.” Why? Because I have to ask are the things I’m living for, worth Christ dying for? I know this can’t be grammatically right, but the question is…

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