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Glory Seed Devotional 03/10/2014


What would God have me share with you? POW! There it was the same question He placed in my heart is the question, I always ask myself when I want to say something inappropriate because of my changing emotions. I know some of you are perfect and this will not apply to you. Hint: Jesus is the only perfection. We’re perfect in Him alone.

Which means we will sin and error. But through Him we are covered by His blood. So when you are driving and someone cuts you off (road rage), how do you respond? When someone hurts you, do you respond in love by forgiving and giving it to Christ? Or do you seek revenge to destroy them or ruin them?

When someone hits you, do you hit back? How about when someone ask you to support something they’re doing and it’s for the kingdom of God, do you support them or bypass them with a ” you doing great, keep up the good work?” “Or God bless you?” Don’t God bless you, so you may give back by blessing others?” So that He can give more to you for your unselfishness, and example in teaching others of His love?”

Many only bless within the family. We are all God’s children until He decides to cast out those who are not on the day of judging.

Maybe you walk into work and you say to a co-worker, ” Good morning, how is your morning?” They say, “not so good.” Do you inquire to see what’s wrong, or pray for them? Or do you say, I don’t have time for that, in your subconscious?” Or worse pretend you didn’t hear them? Did you think that just maybe that was a great time to pray for them, and share Christ? When you support a fellow Christian’s business or non-Christian who is not engaged in a bad product. Just maybe it’s a door to share Christ, or bring others to Christ!

Our existence is to share the Proclamation of Christ! We shouldn’t mess around with sin. We need to live like Jesus is in the room. We need to remind ourselves that we are ministers of Christ. It’s not your job, or my job to choose who is worthy or not. Our job is to love, forgive, work in unity, teach, and share God’s word in truth.

So the question in my heart is are we, ” Living like Jesus is in the ROOM, watching you?” How different our lives would be if every time we spoke, or done something. We behaved or responded as if Jesus, was present in plain sight to us. Because He is present, but I mean as if we could see Him like we see each other in the physical. Would you change? There is no force, God says we have a choice and when we do something, do it with a cheerful heart.

Would you support that person who asked in love? Would you inquire about the co-worker who day wasn’t so bright? May we all start living today, as if Christ is in the room, because He is. What if you had a bad day, and no one seemed to care? How did it make you feel? Or if no one supported you? Are you adding to God’s kingdom or taking away? Study Philippians 1:19-30 with me. I’m learning so much as I remain silent in Him so that I may receive spiritual fruit.

Lord, may your message placed in my heart be of inspiration to others, may they look at the message, and search truth with the scriptures. May we each live as if you’re in the room with us be it a space in the vehicle as we travel the highways, a store, house, building, sanctuary, nature or our hearts. Lord, thank you for your mercy and grace. Thank you for allowing me to speak to your children as you use me as a vessel. Thank you for the comfort you give me and my family daily, as we move forward in loving others by sharing your good news. Amen.