Really meditate on what being a radical Christian means. Have an awesome day as you follow Our Lord, and Savior.

Be Better Not Bitter


During my storm with losing a brother-in-law to Cancer. My heart was lead to read Luke 9. Jesus had three potential followers who wanted to follow but had other obstacles to attend to first. One guy said, “I would follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “foxes have holes and birds of the air have nest, but the son of Man has no place to lay his head.” I assume Jesus is saying they will be homeless. So in other words if I was this guy, I would be leaving my home (shelter) to follow Jesus.

Would you give up your home now to follow Jesus?

This is something that hits the core of my soul. In the same breath, are we so comfortable, and do we really understand giving up the worldly(materialism) life for Jesus?


The second guy wanted to follow, but told Jesus he had to go bury…

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