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Your spark seems a little faded. No one sees your light shining in the dark. So you throw a tantrum party and you put on these bright neon looking clothes, but no one still sees you. You wonder what’s wrong with you.

You begin to pray and tell God your problems. It looks like this:

Jesus: what’s wrong my child?

You: No one seems to see my light shining. I put on the brightest attire, and the brightest shoes I could find, but no one sees me. Jesus I have read many scriptures aloud to the crowd but no one sees my light shining. I even polished the cross around my neck.

Jesus: You have it all wrong my child, your light isn’t suppose to shine, but it’s to REFLECT mine.

You: Forgive me father.

Jesus: I see your light shining already.

You: Thank you Jesus!

Jesus: It’s getting brighter.

When we pray, repent, forgive and give thanks we reflect His light which shines through us, for all to see.