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I always keep my channel on HBO. No, not the worldly HBO filled with miscellaneous things. I’m talking about Heaven. It’s not just a word. It’s a place of eternity. A place of rest, and peace. There is plenty of laughter and love there. No sickness. Unless, you get sick of peace of mind…smiling.

Heaven Bound Only. It’s my final destination. What’s yours? Choose quick tomorrow is not promised to you, or me. This t-shirt is my constant reminder as well as an inspiration to others that we you have a choice to our final destination. Love it!! I don’t need to pay for all these underground channels when my eternal home is out of this world. The price has been paid for. I just need to choose. I have, its HBO (Heaven Bound Only) all 365 days in a year.

Imagine going to the dealership and your vehicle has been purchased. You just have to pick the one you like. Okay, that’s what God has done for us! Woot! Woot! Give God some praises, and fill the GAP.

You may be looking at things with a natural eye. Look at things in the spiritual realm. You will be amazed. To you this is just a girl being creative, while making a fashion statement right? Okay, ready for the excitement? Guess who created this little girl and all her creativity? Woot! Woot! Jesus did that and so much more. Just stick around as He uses me to inspire you. Because I’m  not making a fashion statement but an act of faith.

I love my Creator so, I create!

Say to hell, “don’t make room for me, or wait up for me because I’m following Jesus.” He is my final destination.

Be blessed and be Heaven Bound Only!