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Oh, how I have missed blogging and interacting with you all. It has been difficult, and I have been a busy bee. We were not only in the middle of losing a love one but we were moving into our new home. It was just me and hubby and our four children. Our fifth child which is the eldest is away in school.

For those who were aware of my brother-in-law’s illness. He deceased Sunday. He was buried Wednesday. I’m glad to say though Cancer chose Him,he chose Christ!


How awesome is that? I say PRETTY AWESOME!!! Give God some praises. Well, in the midst of the bad news of finding out he had cancer with little time to live. Something amazing happen to me. An outpour of creativity or divine intervention took over.

I began to create these inspiring shirts. It happened again when I was given the news of His death. One may ask how you can design at a time as this. I say why not? It is in our greatest storms that God creates masterpieces. It is in our weakest times He shows Himself strong. So I’m still giving God some praises. I found it to be the best time.

During this time He spoke to my heart on filling the GAP. Let me share with you. The shirt above, GAP (God Answers Prayers). During this time in our lives, He truly answered by giving us the things He promised. Like comfort, strength and a present help. We didn’t have a lot of help but I believe God allowed us to see that we only needed to depend on Him alone.

When He was ready to send help He did at His leisure. The word GAP here is NOT the name brand you are familiar with, but to fill the GAP (hole or loopholes) in our lives. The shirt says God answers prayers. Fill the gaps in your life by praying to an awesome God. He will handle the rest.



This shirt is I love GAP (God & people). Some of us are being bitter, and walking around holding a grudge or allowing our hearts to be filled with hate. This slouch pullover says to fill the loophole by loving God and His people (children).


I love GAP (God & Praise) .Oh, how if we fill our mouth with praise instead of complaining about our problems, how blessed our lives would be. Give praises instead of being ungrateful. Praises unto Christ of thanksgiving instead of whining. Filling in the GAP with trusting God to answer our prayers, loving God and people, and giving the Almighty Shepherd some praises. Woot! Woot! I love it!!!

These are just a few of the shirts that were created through the holy spirit. About ten shirts was created that day. You call it what you want. I know when God shows up.

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. 28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.  John 10:27-28

Let’s fill the GAP with Godly intentions!

All shirts can be purchased at Timeless Treasures Forever www.treasures4ever.com. Be blessed and thank you for all your prayers. My brother-in-law is with us in heart. I pray he made it to the feet of Jesus and have found rest. But I never can make a statement as such in certainty. That’s Jesus call. I will also be releasing the Men’s line soon because God does not discriminate.

Support what you believe in. I believe in Christ and using the TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills) He has blessed me with. I’m pursuing my passion which is inspiring and creating for Christ by inspiring His people. What an awesome career path!

All mistakes and typos have been covered in the love of Christ. He paid it all for me and you. Stop by store and see how God showed up in the midst of our storm. My online store is a living testimony of God hands at work. This is my planting season. Glory to you Jesus as I say thank you for loving me, and never leaving me even when I felt alone and like giving up.

Thank you for encouraging me. I have missed you, spiritual inspirations! HUGS.