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Hello children of Christ, and those who haven’t met Christ. I received the update yesterday evening from the hospital and family. My brother-in-law Donnie, will be released to go home today, to reside with family for whatever time God allows Him. There is nothing man or medicine can do for him.

It has spread over His entire body, to the point that medicine will not be able to comfort him soon. I know Jesus is still a comforter. My heart has been heavy but prepared. With God I will help my husband and family through this best I can. I trust God to equip me with the tools to push through.

I wasn’t going to blog because not sure if my tears would ruin my laptop, and I have to cry in the oddest moments away from my husband so he doesn’t see me and fall apart. But when the question came into my spirit. Though I feel overwhelmed with emotion, I answered to God and said, my work for you must go on. I must tell every heart that stop here what God place in my spirit. It doesn’t matter how you feel about your storm. I won’t be angry with God.

I won’t give up on Christ! Oddly, through the storm many may ask how can you design shirts and blog during this difficult time. My answer is it’s during our difficult times that we are tested. It’s actually been the most inspirational time for me to encourage others who may also be dealing with this. Staying focused on Jesus and the message here. He is dealing with me on so many levels than I can explain to you.

He knows how difficult this is for me but it is not me, but Christ who lives in me. Perhaps today you read and feel pity for me and my family. I say don’t. Anyone of us can leave here today, at any second. Where are you in Christ, today? Have you repented for your sins? Cancer can be waiting to attack you or a love one. So pray for us and pray to God for your own soul as well.

I will push through this and trust God fully with His decision. I know you may not understand me, but God does. Someone needs to be encouraged and inspired today. So my work for Christ must be done, at His time. Even if it is difficult for me, and it is. Someone said, ” I must be broken, during this time.” My answer is no, my heart is cracked because I’m letting Christ in, so I can stay whole and comforted.

Today may be your last breath.

We don’t always leave here because of our health.

So repent if you do nothing else.

You can’t say, Christ I didn’t know.

He would say, you were told through many posts, by

many servants I sent your way. But you turned away.