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Spiritual Inspiration


Hello sisters and brothers in Christ! I just felt the need to reach out and share my heart and the overwhelming pressure. I’m feeling pressed down. I found out my brother-in-law has cancer on the spine, lungs, chest, stomach and liver.

To top it off my mother in law has just had open heart surgery a few months ago. My husband is the baby of the bunch. It was just him and three other siblings. So that’s three boys, and one girl. Well, my husband lost his brother (2nd eldest) nine years ago from being hit by an eighteen wheeler while checking his tire. He lost his leg and endured much pain, and deceased shortly after.

Parents shouldn’t have to bury their children. But it’s happening.

To top that off my sister-in-law had to have a double mastectomy for breast cancer, a few years ago. Now this with the eldest brother, fighting for his life. Excuse my grammar and speech here but we had to drive four hours up to see him and meet with doctors on short notice, while dealing with my husband who is falling apart, too. Somehow I seem to be the anchor holding everyone together. But if you look closely it’s JESUS because I stay before Him in prayer. I just buried an uncle last week from Cancer.

Cancer seems to be the evil that’s destroying families, and taking lives. It does not discriminate either. Jesus will deliver us from evil if we live for Him, even if that means departing earth and living in Heaven. In the midst of  the storm, and thinking of all the love ones that Cancer chose. The words cancer chose me, but I chose Christ came to my heart. It pierce my heart with an overwhelming power. So I designed a shirt. Jesus reach His people in the unimaginable ways. If it pierce my spirit then I better be obedient. I don’t want that person blood on my hands.

God knows who this message is for. Its powerful. Shirt has a purpose and powerful meaning to the victim of Cancer, and the survivor of Cancer. Cancer can pick any of us, but when we choose Christ, it’s supposed to be a permanent decision. Therefore, we are safe and comforted during the battle, the storm and difficulties of life. It doesn’t mean we are exempt. In my spirit man has made Heaven sound boring. Like singing hymns all day long. I believe I will get to walk with Jesus and see His glory and share His teachings. I can just be. No worries at all.

This shirt will be in store today for purchase. Maybe you know someone who would love this message of hope, and trust. 10% percent of purchase goes to Cancer/Aids awareness and research.

Design Preview


As I walked in the hospital room, my brother-in-law asked me to sit on the bed next to him. I began praying, and just giving God some praises. I know He is healer and work miracles still today. I’m a miracle born at 2 lb 2 oz. that was declared for death. But I know it’s His will in the end in all things. The awkwardness is a week prior to finding out the news my spirit was heavy and I found myself crying for no reason. That’s when I wrote the post on “The Battle Raging Around You.” I pray to God alone, and realized there is a message He wants me to deliver here to you.

Jesus wants each of us to repent of our sins. This doesn’t mean living on the straight and narrow, or becoming some religious nut, or some psychic that believes in God but performs their own rituals. It’s not how many spiritual books you read, or publish. It’s not because you put on a white Sunday suit and wear a cross. Or, just because you were baptized, isn’t enough. Being a good person is not enough. I mean these are part of your Christian lifestyle when you repent and live for Christ. These are accessories to accepting Jesus.

Repent means to first acknowledge your sin (ask forgiveness) before God, then to make the decision to turn away from that sin, DAILY. Don’t be fooled by the enemy and think once is enough. Hell is real, and I don’t need a tour to be convinced either. I trust God words and promises. My brother-in-law, asked God to forgive him of his sins while laying in that bed. My heart was relieved and overjoyed. The storm is all around us, but God I still trust . I asked for each of you to say a prayer for Donnie Wiggs, and for my family during this difficult time.

In the midst know that God is real, Heaven is real, and Hell is real. If you were given the choice of being given a $1000 or a glass of cold water, which would you choose? Be honest! Probably the $1000, right? Because you feel you can buy lots of water and then some. Now let’s say you’re in hell or on a desert, which would you choose? Probably the glass of water. Why? Because we change base on our circumstances! That’s not Christian living, that’s not trusting God.

We change, but when we trust God we don’t change, we trust! So this is how the enemy manipulates and deceives us. Again keep us in prayer. I thank you in advance for your prayers and for stopping by to sip on a cup of Christ with me.


God loves you and His mercy and grace is sufficient! Don’t trade Heavenly treasures for earthly ones.