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Lean on the tree of Life, and trust Him. Can you lean on God without holding yourself up? He got you, you won’t fall. He promises to catch you, hold you, and love you.

We say we trust God. But do we really? I have found when we are getting what we want and working in familiar territory, it is easy to trust God. Or is it that we are trusting self? Trusting God means trusting Him in unfamiliar territory more so than when we’re in our comfort zone.

What am I saying to you? Let’s say you trust God up until one day He is calling your son or daughter home to be with Him. Do you still trust God, or do you fall apart and become angry? I mean think about it before you answer it. Think about it before you speak those words of life into the atmosphere. Society says, we suppose to leave earth before our children, right?


So who got it wrong? Well, Christ is the giver of life and death at His own time. So if God ask you to go over to a third world country to do missionary work, will you trust Him still? If God ask you to quit your job and go out to tell others the good news, would you worry about your bills or would you without a doubt continue to trust Him?

You know the questions to this. I was tested in the beginning to start a Christian blog. God really? You can’t be serious! I suck at writing, and people will ridicule me for writing about you as well as my writing. I love Math, I tutor Math on all levels. Surely say it’s not so for me to start a blog. Well, now I have four blogs, and they’re balanced just fine because the Holy Spirit directs me. The Holy Spirit gives me a word for His people.

The Cross Changes Everything- Male

The Cross Changes Everything- Male

The Blogs are Timeless Treasures Forever (We are timeless treasures), Be Better Not Bitter(Trade an I for an e), Christian Comfort & Conversation Café (Sip on a cup of Christ), and Parables of Faith (Don’t Count the Sheep, Talk to the Shepherd for He is awake) . It’s not for you to judge another. Receive the message what’s for you and live as God requires you to do.

Obedience is key. Some say four blogs is too much. Thank God I didn’t/don’t listen to man. If you have time to count my blogs then you got too much time on your hands. Because I can never do enough for what Christ has done for me. I’m behind still in my service to Him. My testimony to you is open your eyes and look around. One blog has over 800 post, alone. I didn’t realize it until it was mentioned by a servant who said they slacked in their worship to Christ. God took my weakness and turn it into a strength.

I have five children, online business, four blogs, wife, and servant to Christ and community. I’m not boasting, these are blessings that was once fears. Being a mother was scary for me. Not anymore. That’s God. I do everything in love and obedience. They go hand in hand. Many ask, “how do you find the time to do all you do?” I say” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” If He is giving me direction to do something then He will equip me with the tools to do it. I must have a mindset, contrite heart and a willing spirit to do it.

On the other spectrum, God gives each of us 24 hours to do as we please. So how are you using your time? I minister to God’s people in everything I do. My online business is inspiring and encouraging using my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills). My TAGS comes from God to inspire and encourage you here. God is in everything. When you embrace that you will see Him in all His Glory!

So step into unfamiliar territory when God directs you because He is testing your faith and your heart to be obedient to His instructions. God is faithful and He will be with you every step of the way. When things get hard and you have no other to help you. He is carrying you and helping you. Be blessed and trust Him. People will try to ridicule you or not support you. Don’t worry about it, because God has a plan.

I would love for you to visit www.treasures4ever.com. Stop by at least to see how God is elevating me one day at a time. It may mean nothing to you, but I designed the whole site (that’s God). One usually pays significant amounts of money for a website. I’m growing and still working on it but in God’s timing. Baby steps of faith is sufficient. Mustard seed faith is acceptable in His sight.

God is taking me to unknown territory. I will be sharing with you soon. So stick around and be inspired by a woman who seeks God’s heart on so many levels. I love Him, and want to be obedient because Saints I need Him. I’m going to need Him for eternity. I hope He feels this way about me. I’m sure He does. If you love this shirt because of its message. It can be purchased at the link above. Also there is a 20% discount code on welcome page.

Be blessed.