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Please...come fill me...lead me...guide me the right way....help me stay on track without so many stumbles


You journey in this walk with Christ, but you have some buried secrets, or hard feelings towards one another. Maybe from your past. I have been asking God more and more to reveal anything that’s not of Him in my heart. Sometimes this is hard to do for some of us because we want to believe, and exemplify that we are Holy than thou!

Not me. I want to be true to myself, you and to Christ! To forgive means forgiving myself first. Many times we forgive others or do we? When Christ forgives us, we some how pull out our fishing poles and go fishing out the past baggage. When God forgives, I believe it’s non-existent. Perhaps you hate to forgive so you can have that last cord to use as an excuse, or against another.

I realize though others make mistakes be it intentional or not, a true problem exist. It could be a childhood incident, lack of self-esteem, relationship problems, or perhaps you like to be the center of attention all the time. I have no answers, I’m not a mind reader. I’m a Christian who forgives, and strive to love others, daily. You must forgive those who have wronged you, raped you, deprived you, or ridiculed you.

What role do you play? Let’s not play victim to long. How did you respond to the situation? Were you angry, bitter, spiteful, or revengeful? Did you add to the problem, or make it worse? I don’t trust my heart, unless it’s guided by the Holy Spirit.

Bitterness allows others to live in your temple rent free, while depleting you of your riches in Christ…….S.Wiggs

The more angry you become, the more anxious you become to hurt or wound another. Why? You have to fill the void or hurt in your heart. You start playing God. What if you’re playing God, and that person has no idea you are feeling a certain way? This is why God says, go to your brethren. What if you play God, and you end up hurt worst?Don’t pretend like you don’t know your faults. You know if your actions and words are pleasing to God. Don’t act like you don’t know right from wrong. We as Christians must take responsibility for our role in the whole matter.Gotta get plugged in so we can light up the world...or at least our homes.


Don’t water your actions down and sugar coat it because God word can’t be watered down. It doesn’t change either, but we do. Either you for Christ, or the devil.

The Holy spirit knows where to tinker. The Holy Spirit know the root of the problem. Seek counseling or see your Pastor. The Holy spirit can show up in different forms to help us. Give it to God. God says for us to confess to one another (James 5:16). Most time we lack courage to do so.  I will share that at one point in time I once sought approval from others instead of God. Having this disease made me feel inadequate, and unloved. Especially, when I didn’t get the response I wanted.

I no longer seek others approval. I mean now and then a compliment is welcomed, but I don’t thrive off of it. Since my business I have seen who is truly for me or against me. I have seen some close to me treat me like a stranger. Then some who are not close show me love. It’s not my problem but between them and God for those who are being untruthful! I love Christ, and His approval of me has been stamped in blood. His blood. If you are carrying resentment, release it. Trust the Holy spirit to tinker!

When you don't listen to the holy spirits prompting or choose to ignore and make exceptions to the truth, you find yourself hiding while you walk down the wrong path.


Seek approval from God, alone!

I love how God gives us a choice. Either you for Him or against Him. It’s no middle man, named sort of. I feel this way too. You don’t throw your valuables in the trash. You dust them off, and cherish them. Because they’re timeless treasures. We’re timeless treasures capturing every moment with Christ!