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Self Control, speaks to me this morning on so many levels. What is God wanting me to know, and you. This has been a journey for me in the most unknown ways. I truly gasp at the thought of just knowing Christ, which is the trick of the enemy. Because we are suppose to have a relationship with Him. Not a one night fling.  The Holy Spirit is often spoken of as a one time event, or happening on a special occasion. Far worse it only happens at Sunday service, and is really potent during the seven night revival.

Someone will not finish reading this because they are to anxious, and prefer everything short and sweet. If this is you change it and have self control in being still.

I got news! That’s not what the Holy Spirit said to me. The Holy Spirit is with us daily. It works daily in our lives because it is part of the Father, and the son. Though it presents itself differently in our lives. One doesn’t operate without the other. This is such a gift to have. This week God, has spoken to me on self-control. People seem to want to attempt to take me out of character and bring me to a lower level, because of my relationship with Christ and His many blessings upon me. But God, the only true God that resides in me says, if I remain in Him, He will fight my battles for me.

My job is to remain in self-control of my words and actions. It doesn’t matter who tries to dissect it. If you don’t give authority over unclean things then they cannot root, because they cannot enter.  The devil is sneaky. I had an uncle pass yesterday and he was like a celebrity when he deceased. It’s usually that way! You only hear about another’s goodness when they leave the earth. Then you hear the infamous speech that everyone is going to Heaven.

Yet, my phone was ringing off the hook, then there were other distractions that were forceful, rude and unloving. I stayed before God and didn’t allow the distractions of  man. In the end He sent hearts to speak love to  me. I just praised Him in silence and surrendered all that was bothering me to Him.

the benefits of just saying "no" to bad things, and "yes, do it" to the good things.


You should know I don’t do funerals. The last funeral was my mother’s funeral. People act a fool for someone who couldn’t get them to buy her a plate of food, when they were alive. I remember before my grandmother died, she asked me to not come up even while on her sick-bed. I had almost lost my life-giving birth due to hemorrhaging. She stated that they would try to use me like they did her. She said, ” I would be degraded and told I’m disrespectful for not showing up to her funeral, since she was the one who raised me.” She said, be at peace because you cared for me and sent me flowers when I was alive, and much more.

Everything she said they would do, they tried, but I didn’t receive it.

She would never see the casket, flowers, dress, and cards while deceased. She said people will dress it as respect, but respect is when you’re alive. Like when you have breathe on earth you suppose to serve Christ by loving, and supporting your brothers and sisters in Christ. But people wait until they die to find out if Christ is real or not. Like everyone is going to Heaven at the funeral ceremonies ( I strongly dislike this concept). I don’t believe how one sells their soul with the comfort of a lie, even as children sit in the midst.

Why not say that person is at Jesus feet for his verdict on entering eternity.

When you love someone when they’re alive you have peace, and no regrets. Because you have beautiful memories of them. Unless you were rude and unloving to them then you may try to makeup after they decease. Self control to seal our lips when we have the urge to say something hurtful.

This month has been a blessing as each day is filled with God’s blessings and promises to me. Everything I put my hands to is God’s business. Those who don’t experience the Holy Spirit will not be able to discern truth from a lie. You won’t be able to discern those who are for self, but will portray like they are givers for Christ! Just examine the word of God and compare it to your heart. What does it speak?

This is not about being a good or bad person, but about being in an actual relationship with Christ, than just knowing Him. The scripture that keeps marinating in my heart is:

Matthew 26:50-51

50-51 Jesus said, “Friend, why this charade?”

Then they came on him—grabbed him and roughed him up. One of those with Jesus pulled his sword and, taking a swing at the Chief Priest’s servant, cut off his ear.

Are you putting on a charade? If you are not for me then remove yourself from me. Don’t put on a charade or pretend I don’t see your motives. Accepting and loving me is a commandment, but it is also a choice to obey that commandment, but with sincerity not by some charade. God revealed to me of someone who was trying to hurt me and was competing with me. I don’t compete. Little girls compete, but a woman empowers. I’m a woman, a woman of God.

I can’t help the way Christ made me, nor would I change His plans for me. Many don’t understand the patience and discipline in starting a business, raising a family of five, being a wife, and a servant. But God does. Laborers are few!

May we take whatever measures that are necessary to protect ourselves and our family so that we can worship Jesus with a clean heart and a good conscience out of faith without malice, deceit, or hidden agendas. Then turn around and call it love.

Self control may be you adjusting your time on the internet. It could be in the area of pornography, it could be in a marriage with a woman who lies and pretends she is happy and have the perfect marriage to others when really it doesn’t exist but on paper. It could be the husband who chooses sports, gym, or work over his own family, because He is no longer happy being married to that woman of deceit. Or maybe He feels overwhelmed!

Could it be that you lost a love one so you gave up on God, and began to do what you want? Maybe you have a hard time giving someone credit for their hard work, but you do it behind close doors as to not draw extra attention to them. Worst you will one day ask or need their support. Perhaps when you give, you give to yourself only. Just maybe you need self-control in how you spend your money and time. Take the necessary steps to eliminate what’s not healthy for you. Because if it’s not healthy for you then it’s not for your relationship with God either.

I want my path to be right and honorable before Christ! If I have offended anyone of you then I ask that you forgive me. I say this because you can do something unintentional and a person can be offended without you even knowing it. Many will not confess to their brother but act in revenge. My life is not my own to do as I please or feel fit to do. I thank you to those who support me. I bless those who don’t support me . But I have to be honest, I’m not alone! God is with me. He equips me and you would feel His presence. Not just a gesture of my acts or deeds alone.

Many criticize on how I should do things, but I trust God because He works for me. If God has led and equip me to do what I’m doing then He will draw who He wants to be in my path to embrace, enhance, and encourage me. What He has for me is for me, and you can’t change that. You may attempt to hinder it, but you will fail going up against God.

Self control..its worth more than you think


You ever had someone deliver something but you felt nothing? It’s like forced vs. flowing. When God is present, He is a river that flows graciously. Why? Because He speaks for you!  The Holy Spirit speaks through you and for you. Best way I can describe the experience is as “God revealing Himself by His Spirit to our spirit for the specific purpose  of encouraging us, energizing us, enabling us, informing us or warning us.”


He showed Himself to Moses through the burning bush.

Paul saw Jesus on his way to Damascus.

He appeared to Gideon and gave him strength.

He showed Himself strong when He performed a miracle on allowing me to live from being a preemie of 2 lb 2 oz. and being told I would not survive. God did that not man or machine. Do you want to intimately experience, God’s presence? If so, I challenge you to pray, “Father, I want to submit to  Your perfect control of my life. Reveal Yourself to me in any way You choose.” Be still, patient and ready to give up self (flesh) at whatever cost.