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Welcome to a peek into my home. For those who don’t know me. I have a love for decor. Interior designing is something I love. I decorate in my way, and there are no rules other than do what makes me happy and my family and friends to feel at home. I’m very colorful, eclectic, and love warmth. The energy here is amazing.

So as I promised sometime ago to invite you to my home. I wish I could dine on a personal note but this will have to do. So I will be sharing part of our living room, formal dining room and foyer . I’m no photographer but I try to think I capture my heart just fine. So here we go and I hope you’re inspired, and feel the warmth of when I say  “you’re welcome to my home!” Do share your thoughts or ideas.


This is a buffet I redid. It use to be dark cherry with a worn look. It was hideous. But now it’s one of my favorite pieces.  I decided to crackle it. As you may not know I’m also an artist. I do portraits, landscapes, and pretty much anything I set my heart on to draw. The painting is one of my favorites that was done by a friend of mine, who I in return painted a piece of art to.

Since I love warmth, I painted the foyer and upstairs yellow. Very inviting color.


This is my chandelier that I got for under fifty bucks, and I decided to add some crystal ornaments and beading. Talk about budget friendly, and beautiful.

living room

This is my living room furniture, I have had since I was 21. This is where I sit with friends and family in silence. Usually, it’s just God, and me. Which is totally okay with me. I love my alone time with Him.

formal dining room 3

Okay this is my formal dining room. It has more but I’m still working on more photos along the way. As you can see I love floral arrangement which I done all myself. From time to time I make these for others too. I love combining old and new. Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit, and more sneak peeks to come soon.

God never seems to stop amazing me. I love my TAGS from Him. I love my Creator, so I create!

Thank you for joining me. Remember you can decorate within a budget that doesn’t require spending a lot. Be you and not someone else. Always be inspired by others, but never try to be them. Sometimes moving pieces around and never forgetting to write “I love you” on the furniture is key. Each piece in our home reads,” I Love You!”