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Dance for God


Hi, and welcome back. Okay, today may not be your best day, but you’re here. Today may be your better day but you haven’t thank God this morning. I often hear God is a Holy God, and I agree.  However, the  message God is saying to my heart for you is to crank it up and give Him some praises that can be heard.

He says, you get excited for concerts of celebrities, you get excited for football and basketball. You wear your favorite player’s number and you scream and dance for them. Micheal Jackson had people falling out and all of His concerts sell out.

Yet, Christ gave His life for us to live, and He gets nothing. So if you think you suppose to look pretty and act silent. There is a time for this, but God says get ugly and shout, cry, sing, and dance for Him.  He loves when we praise Him, because He made us to celebrate His victory over the enemy.

I don’t need dancing lessons to dance for God, He loves when I dance for Him in my own way!

Jump up and down and give Him some praises. If you can’t get up because you’re in a wheelchair than praise Him so hard that you see yourself standing, jumping, and walking. Run for Jesus!

Okay so let’s dance and praise Him through our circumstances! Shackles on my feet , let’s dance.