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Yes, I m a crumbling rock like Peter. I trust God, but sometimes I doubt in my moments of weakness. I love Him but sometimes I fear the unknown, but God used the crumbling rocks of Peter(denied Christ three times) to build His foundation on, and therefore He can use me to be a rock for His foundation of His people. He already made a living example of me.

I’m here even when told I wasn’t meant to be. Were you told you were a mistake? Maybe it was told in this form:

Loser, Mishap, Accident, Black Sheep, Bastard child, Prostitute, Dumb, No good, Not meant to be, I hate you, You’re trash, You’re a drunk etc.

Well, God can use you still. So crumble little rock if you must because He will build you up in all your broken-ness if you trust Him, alone. Ok give Him some praises and thank Him. Thank Him. Again, thank Him. Make it a habit to thank Him. Put your hands in your pocket, and open up your heart, and thank Him. Hands in pocket for those who always ask for something, but never give thanks for what has been graciously given.

I know it seem so hard to thank Him in the midst of your storms. The mortgage is due, but the funds are limited, but God is not limited. Amen.

You feel at a stand still in your life-like nothing is moving on your half. I got news you’re right where God  needs you to be (still) and He is the only one who needs to do all the moving for you. Glory to God.

Something is about to give birth on the inside of me and it wants to come out. The joy of the Lord can’t be contained.

When you have a moment, please stop by and see how God is answering my prayers through my leap of faith and trust in Him, alone. www.treasures4ever.com.  God is not done with me yet.  Not sure where He is taking me, but as long as I’m with Him, I’m where I need to be, where I was predestined to be. Glory to God!