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Bible Quotes Part 11



I have a testimony and a praise to share with each of you and I got to get it out. As you know I don’t believe in luck, but God’s promises. I don’t believe in man, but I believe in Jesus, and those in His image. I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe miracles. I’m  a 2lb. 2oz. miracle who now weighs 152lbs.

So you see my growth rate of God’s love for me. With that being said, I don’t believe we just end up on a blog at a certain time in self. God always directs us for a purpose or a lesson (good or bad). The title alone, is God. I want to say that a writer, I have come to admire is Butch Dean, over at Wordsmith. Though his penmanship is on a level far beyond my writing gifts, it speaks to my heart. It gets to the point. It grabs you in a peculiar way, I can’t explain but embrace it. That’s God!

There was a time I couldn’t understand his writings not because I was incompetent but because I realized he was a great writer, and I use to be intimidated because writing was my fear.  I didn’t want to be ridiculed. I don’t care if one tries now, because God is for me so who can be against me?

Face fear

So I ran from Butch Dean’s blog, and the irony is through growth, God brought me back to his blog some months later. I now understand the writings, because I understand Butch Deans heart for God, and my heart for God too. I released myself from bondage, and wrote the way God wanted (s) my heart to write, while accepting the way He created me. To not allow someone’s gifts to leave me in fear. What I’m saying is a lesson here is we are all God’s children and we have similar gifts but different because we are not exact matches 100%. God wants us to face our fears not run from them.

What use to be my intimidation of my thinking I would be ridiculed by this writer is now a wellspring of love, and beauty that I drink from, from time to time. It’s refreshing because God removed the wall. Butch Dean is one of my followers. So to Butch Dean you’re following a double miracle full of punctuation errors (smiling). We are all miracles through our mother’s womb, but I’m a double miracle because doctors said, “I wouldn’t live pass two weeks, give or take.” I was a ? that God turned into period.  Butch Dean, I have never met you physically, but I have met your heart.

I think Bonnie should create a “Butch Dean” bear with a pen in its hand that says, delivered ! You deliver the message of love, hope, and courage. That’s my language.

stuffed teddy bear writing a letter

Another friend, and blogger who touches me daily is Shannon, at Revelations. I love this beautiful heart for God. She always gives a story or a lesson. But, what I love about her blog is she always has a prayer at the end. Now what is so significant about that? A whole lot to me, and to the person who don’t know where to start in prayer. I love praying, but when I need a prayer where two can be in the midst, or when I’m lost for words (it happens, or it gets lost in my tears for God). Jesus, calls me His big ole cry baby.

Jesus: Shenine, there is no pain, or sorrow for you to be crying when you get to Heaven.

me: Jesus you know I cry when I’m happy, sad,and full of joy. Every time I see you, I will be crying. So I cry even when I’m smiling. I see Jesus daily through each of you. Sometimes my tears look like 32 white teeth, a soaked shirt, a wounded heart, or this overgrown woman jumping up and down like it’s nobody’s business.

Jesus: Shenine, you never asked if you going to Heaven, why?

me: I’m following you and I see you everyday. Jesus, you are Heaven. Is that a trick question Jesus? Everyone knows you’re Heaven! I will get concerned when I don’t see you.

I go to her blog and find the post that speaks to my heart, and I say the prayer she has already placed before us. I feel as we are praying together. She goes first and I come along and send that prayer up again. God love prayers. Prayers to me are the scriptures we have consumed, and when digested we have a plate of prayer before us. Which becomes our spiritual supper for that day.

Shannon, and Butch Dean, I don’t always click the like button, not because I don’ like something, but because often the like button is underrated. I’m looking for the love button, and I have found God’s love through your blog post and many others who are teaching, encouraging, and inspiring me to be the miracle God, predestined me to be.

So Shannon, I’m going to need a prayer sent up because I don’t know how many grammatical errors Butch Dean is going to find in this post. Shannon, I may need the forgive her father for she knows not what she do prayer. Help me out Shannon. (smiling).

Often we should share our testimony of how others play a role in our life. It’s not boasting or degrading anyone else. Sometimes we all want to matter, and we do. God wants us to mimic His love. I want you all to know you touch me and I believe I will take the time to say what I love about each of you as God place this on my heart. He works through each of you to touch and impact a life. Oh, you guys should know, God does have a sense of humor, I mean he created me.

I looked like a 2lb. 2oz. alien on my photo from hospital. But aliens are beautiful too, though they look uniquely different (that’s me)! My mom said, ” you always had a beautiful heart from birth. I said, what do you mean? She said because at 2lb. 2oz. she always saw my heart, there wasn’t much else to look at on the machine. I didn’t have much of a body like other newborns. So I’m going to get my praise on.

All mistakes on this blog have been paid for…. signed Jesus