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Redecorate my heart Lord, you have my permission, that only I can give you. I have given many the key to my private room (heart), and they have tried to decorate it with their hypocrisy, bitter, hate, jealousy, envy, un-supportive love and hidden agendas to distort my heart, and wound me.

It hurts me because I’m not these things, and didn’t allow them into my private room to play some competing game or rob me of what you so graciously placed within me. Lord, I give you the key, and have asked those not like you to depart from my heart, so you can redecorate it to stay focused on you, Lord and what you want me to do.

Lord, redecorate my heart with sheets of sincerity, and honesty where others have tried to contaminate it with deceit and untruth. Lord, paint the walls of my heart with peace and a love that keeps on giving more of you and less of self. Sometimes I locked these people in my heart and forgot to let you in, so you can furnish my heart with clarity, and wisdom to discern those who are not of you. Yes, they are your creation, but you’re not their father because they haven’t even invited you in.

Some have spoken it in words, but haven’t given the keys to you. So they continue to walk in self and do as they choose, and yet they turn around and say it’s you.  Allow me Lord, to continue to love them as you say do without judging or ridicule because that’s not of you. But to love them more than they love themselves. Perhaps, just perhaps they have nobody else.

Lord, I just keep my eyes on you, as I remind myself to keep the key to my heart with you. Distractions, and confusions is not of you! Does your heart gleam for God, like my heart do? I love Jesus.  I need Him. Everything I Am is because of you Lord.

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Love - finding people who you love and love you back is so important - even if you have to travel around the world to see them, knowing they are there is support in itself.

Redecorate my heart and keep the key. I won’t be needing it back, you see. You want peace for me and I do too. You have great things for me, so keep the key to my heart and make more room for you. My gifts you blessed me with is not for show, but to allow others see your works in me wherever I may go. To encourage, inspire, love, and embrace others; so they may know you can take an ordinary person like me, like them, and make into a Masterpiece for all to see your love for them through them and  me.

We weren’t meant to work in self but in UNITY! Please open their eyes Lord, that they may see.  Join me, and give God the key to your heart! It’s not hard if you try to love Him like I do. I made a decision, now it’s your turn to choose. This is my prayer for me and you.

....and it usually doesn't cost a thing.

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Sometimes we can get side tracked, and then there are times when someone or something will try to bring you out of character. But you know who you are in Christ, and where your relationship with Him is. So if you back track then get back on track with Him. Ask Him back in because He won’t intrude or force His way back in. He is always present with us but He becomes dormant until we activate Him. You must invite Him in to guide, protect, direct, comfort, heal, and love you. Sometimes the World becomes too much to bear! But it was never our weight to carry to begin with.

Sometimes your heart can be convicted, but you think it’s for someone else and know it’s for you. When I fall out of God’s presence by being in self , I give it back to Him by first acknowledging it. Are you so perfect to sit in denial ? It’s a new year, but that doesn’t mean people are going to change. The same God that existed then, still exist now. So who changed? Do we really need a New Year to make a big entrance to the world?

You can change the physical all day, but the internal part is what needs to pray. If the internal is right then the external won’t be seen because the internal is what will shine through for all to see. Stop getting caught up in the worldly things.

How about making a small step which will make a huge impact and give God the key to your heart with sincerity and truth. Because God is the truth you cannot deceive or lie too. This applies to me, not just you. Amen.