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There is none like you Jesus, not one Lord!

You’re brighter than the sun.

You’re more than a doctor because you’re the healer of my soul.

You’re faithful than the promises of man.

You’re dependable than any plans man has for me.

You are the impossible that turns man’s no’s, into I can do’s.

You’re the yes you can that resides in my wanting to give up.

You’re my everything when my, “I’m nothing” consumes me.

You’re the safety net when I’m drowning in fears.

You’re the prayer that fulfills my emptiness from within.

You’re the breathe I gasp for each second to feel alive.

You’re the main meal for me, a side dish won’t do.

You’re the sound of new life in a newborn’s lungs.

You’re the voice I want to hear on the phone.

You’re a gift I want to keep on receiving daily.

You’re the drug I want to be addicted too, that no rehab can fix.

You’re the donation I want to donate to the needy.

You’re the charity that I vote for all to partake in.

You’re the small voice in a loud room.

You’re my credit that can’t be denied.

You’re the text I want to fill my message box.

You’re the wind beneath my wing.

You’re the company I want my children to keep.

You’re the friendship I want all my friends to be .

You’re the support that family can’t fulfill.

You’re the LOVE, I want to reside in each of us.

You’re the song that’s music to my heart.

You’re the beauty that’s more than skin-deep.

You’re the twinkle in the stars.

You’re the reason I’m blessed to see a new year.

You’re the food in the fridge that keeps everyone fed.

You’re the shelter that provides a roof over our heads.

You’re the tears in my Joy, because you overwhelm me with your love.

You’re the forgiveness so, I can have a chance at eternal life.

You’re the truth, I can’t lie too.

You’re the one I need, because this world is a lonely place without you.

There’s none like you, not one my Lord! I love you with all my heart, and you know what it looks like from inside out!

This beautiful heart for God. Terez Monique, has inspired me to write this piece through Christ! Her song is in my heart. Many blessings to this young lady.  I’m overjoyed thinking about my Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord for another year to reach a nation. Your nation! This year will be brighter, blessed beyond man’s measure, and faith-filled. Because that’s what I claim, and speak over my life, my husband, children, family and you my friends.

Meditate on this song of worship to Jesus. Let it marinate in your hearts and home. Glory to God. Jesus is beautiful. I’m in awe!

Happy New Year!