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Have you ever tried at something, or invested in something but just seem like you were still at ground zero? I have to say I feel like a failure many times over. No don’t get your fancy pants excited just yet! Because I believe failure is a good thing for me.

Everything has a time and season, and this is my season to allow God to be my success. Yes, that’s right. He will direct my path, and draw all men unto me when the time is right. What is key is I’m available when He needs me, I will never give up, I will always trust Him, and believe in my gifts from Him, and I will wait on Him.

Most importantly, bad or good day these post are delivered with a cheerful heart.

I have to say though I have invested, and failed at times, I feel something alive in me growing and ready to give birth! It definitely isn’t a baby. So God always has a plan and a season to release His blessings on your life. Feeling like a failure is a natural part of becoming a success. Yes, some of you may laugh, gossip, or ridicule me, but at least I’m putting myself out there.

I’m taking action to be who God created me to be. I’m learning through error, and I’m meeting the influential people who will embrace me and enhance my gifts. Just cause you feel like a failure doesn’t make you one. Just because you’re not where you think you suppose to be doesn’t mean you don’t have favor with Christ!

On the other hand you can be living in your dream home and driving your dream car, it doesn’t mean you are in favor with God. If you look at all the successful people they failed miserably and was rejected and laughed at. Imagine how many people thought it was over when Christ was crucified. Yet, He lives!

Let me say it again, He lives. Many will say they love you, but won’t support you at all. I have ones who literally, say they are my friend and support me but has not. If you want to know who your friends are just try reaching for a jar of success and watch them closed the jar on you. If they think you’re becoming successful they change. But don’t let that bother you or discourage you. My solution to that is “give more and expect less!”

Don’t be a spiritual Snob! Love the difficult and unloved because they have their own failures or worse they don’t try nothing to fail at. That’s why they criticize you and I.


When God opens the Heaven, Jealous Sue and Envy Ruth can’t stop what God has for me or you! You can smell success by the way your family, and friends seem to dislike the more enhanced, outgoing you. They become uncomfortable, and become overly interested for the wrong reasons. Their mood swings is up and down.

I still love and I’m not one to change, but I believe my choice to soar higher in my gifts should be respected if not supported. God is watching you and your hidden deceit and desire to want your sister or brother to fail. I won’t be held back, but I will wait patiently on God while moving forward in my gifts.

Something is definitely, about to give birth. Thank you Jesus. If I fail it’s because He got a greater story and outcome for His kingdom. He is taking me to higher ground and I accepted it with a smile on my face and a tattoo that says JOY (Jesus Overshadows You) on my heart.

To those who are like standbys waiting to watch others fail, don’t judge the book by its cover. It’s what’s working on the inside that you don’t see that blinds you.  When God prepares you, you will know who you can trust, and depend on before you reach success. It’s like pruning out the weeds before the blooms come in.

I was born at 2 lbs 2 oz. and told I wouldn’t live. Then when I survived my mother was told by doctors that I would be behind my peers. That’s another post. I have a Bachelor degree and about to complete my Masters. That’s all God. Let me say it again that’s all God. I will turn failure into Faith. My faith is stronger than any failure. Failure keeps me in prayer and faith allows me to get back up.

My mother deceased at the age of 40, and I was 21 serving my country about to give birth to her first grandchild. I came from a drug infested environment, living off welfare, riding the city bus to school, or walking it. Having to share a bedroom with two other siblings. Talk about feeling like a failure, no it’s not so bad because look where it has brought me.

A lesson was learned along the way. I’m not ashamed of where I come from because the same God who was with me back then, is still with me now. So I will climb the ladder of failure if that’s the only way to the top. How many times are you criticized for being a Christian, or called a fanatic for Christ? How many times were you told you can’t say Jesus in the public school? It either made you follow Jesus more or turn your back on Him.  Either way you saw who you really are rather you stood for Christ or denied Him.

Faith.  Failure.

2014 I will let God have reins again over my life that’s not my own.

Be Blessed, and Happy New Year!