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Truth is beautiful

Truth has a divine purpose

Truth is loved

Truth is loving in action

Truth is God all day


because you are

HIS, alone!

Be the truth that no one, or thing can lie to.

A mirror is not truth unless you can see past

your own reflection of self, and become one

reflection with God!

A truth always reflects light.

A lie reflects darkness.

God is light!

So make the lies told to you by

the world right., by God’s sight.

Because if truth be told this lie told to you

was never your fight.

Ransom was paid in full.

So open your heart and allow in some light.

Put your faith into God’s session.

Give depression, doubts, and denial, to the devil for those are His possessions!

I dedicate this to Drusilla, who touched my heart and inspired this beautiful truth to become a light for all who passes through! You all possess a natural beauty that’s more than skin deep. I believe this with all my heart, that nothing can separate you from the love of God!