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large mirror.

photo credit: pinterest.com

Before you continue to read: Look in the mirror, and say I’m beautiful ( for men handsome) , blessed, incredible, fearfully and wonderfully made. This I know very well. Okay, so lets embrace it today and make it a daily act to look in the mirror and repeat this until you get it.

My Incredible! 

I made a decision to not let anyone or anything separate me from the love of God! You see I was born incredible, just ask God, and you will know that I can do all things through Christ, especially when my knees hit the floor! You just watch and see.  God is my number one fan, and He has stamped my heart, and deemed my life a piece of art, worthy and approved. My TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and Skills) all comes from Him.

I thought you knew, this includes my beauty too. When you’re born incredible, it doesn’t matter that my mom did drugs, or barely gave me hugs. I have the greatest love that comes from above. His love is not the same as yours. Would you believe my name Shenine barely exist? Just google it and you will find it’s uniqueness. I’m bold, beautiful, and blessed beyond measure. Being Afro-American has nothing to do with my best.

My best stems from me being fawned by God, because only He can make it happen. If you don’t know by now He is my greatest, and most valuable weapon.  I may just be an ordinary girl who blogs and seems lost to you. But to Christ I can influence the world, and encourage a heart or two. I was, and I am predestined for great things. If MEDIOCRITY is part of your vocabulary, you won’t understand me.

You will just be. I’m incredible, and won’t wait on you, or another to tell me what I can do, or who I can be. I know how incredibly, beautiful, fearfully & wonderfully God made me. I will succeed with or without your love and support. Because God spoke life, and placed creativity inside me, and it’s about to give BIRTH. My Heavenly Father looks from Heaven upon me on earth. Ready to bless me and make me an example of His powers.

He is in the midst now at this very hour. I know you may not believe me, that’s probably why you can’t receive. No, I’m not conceited, I just believe in Him, who believes in me. So if you were to google my name this is what you would see:


Never let anyone define you. No matter what your past tells you, your praise should define who you are. Where you been is the past. Where you are going is the future. If you knew my past you would understand my praise. But my praise isn’t meant to be understood by you, but by God. I was just hoping my praise would become contagious like the flu. But I was born alone and I can get my praise on all by myself with or without you. You choose!

So I defined who I am so you don’t waste your time defining me, or associating me with worldly things. If you think I’m conceited then you don’t know me because you barely know yourself. I don’t like to walk around with, or have low self-esteem, having this characteristic can ruin my dreams. I love hanging with eagles because I’m an eagle too. Soaring to new heights is what I do. God is at the top, and hell below. Remember your dreams will take you wherever you want to go. YOU’RE INCREDIBLE, what more could you ask for?

Be blessed and not stressed, especially with other people’s mess!