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Hi, and welcome. As the New Years rolls in, I wanted to share some ideas with you. These are for renters more so but definitely some charmers for any homeowner. I though I would share some creative ideas that tugged at my heart. So let me know what you think.

I also will be sharing my home with you as I have been a busy bee getting my heart and home de-cluttered.  Yes, both temples must be cleaned, organized, and ready to receive.

30 Renter Friendly Ideas!

photo credit: beautiful mess (click on picture for tutorials and more details)

DIY Fabric garland chandelier using an oven rack, is just to shabby chic for me. Love it. I would definitely hang this over my claw tub with some soft pinks added. But I’m still waiting on a claw tub. God is still working that prayer out.

30 Renter Friendly Ideas

Check out these pillows made from fabric, masking tape and paint. These are definitely budget friendly and you can get creative and mix different patterns. Hey there’s even a cross pattern! I’ll share what I come up with for my crafts room/ guest room. Stay tuned.

Turn your photos into faux polaroids and hang them on a small clothesline.

photo credit:rookiemag.com

I love the Polaroid look of this. You can tell a story. I’m thinking for me creating a collage with my Instagram photos and using postcards that spell Family.

Create fake picture frames out of washi tape.


I love washi tape. Here it was used to make picture frames. Very colorful and budget friendly too. Love it!

Use large sheets of scrapbook paper as a temporary headboard.

image: iheartnowegianwood.com

I love the look and feel of this room. They used big pieces of oversized scrap papers to create a headboard. Fabulous!

Cluster a bunch of paper flowers together.

image: ModVinatageLife.com

I love flowers of all sorts of mediums. These would be great for a little girls room or hostess party for us beautiful divas. When we just want to hangout and feel special. These are very inexpensive. Your local dollar store sells tissue paper in a variety of colors. My girls and I must make some of these.

I also like making these for the wedding bouquets I make as well.

photo credit: edisonavenue.com

Okay, do I have any basket lovers? I love baskets. This is great. You can paint these to add a little color or use color towels but the look above screams spa like feel.

photo credit: inspirationfromhome.com

I love the simplicity of this. Great for holidays or just on an everyday piece to bring the outdoors in. If you love aroma like I do,  you can buy the plug-in oil, remove top and soak the pinecones in them. Oh my your house will be the aroma that says, “Welcome.”

image: peachtreegreetings.com

I’m definitely looking for a wire basket such as this. Let me know if you find one. I love lemons and this would be a great piece for my kitchen. I will let you know what I come up with.

Well, that’s it for now with some of my favorite finds, and home bloggers who are just Awesome! So if and when you have time go and check them out. Be sure to check back with me and stay up to date. I will be showing my home and the little extra things I did to make it simple, beautiful, colorful, and a touch of my creativity! Most importantly budget friendly tips that are priceless and speaks YOU!

Remember to be selective, patient when doing any DIY project as to not destroy your home’s value and that of another. If it’s a major project then perhaps working alongside a professional in that area with you would be ideal. Do share your thoughts or finds.  I would love to see them.

I hope you are inspired to be creative!!