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My priorities...Christ, Husband, Family.

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Hi, many times we as women can become focused on our needs, desires and wants, right? Yes, tell the truth! We always have our eyes on something. Well, as I was sitting with my husband I began silently praying for Him. I began this by thanking God for him. I mean I do this often, but tonight was special. So by thanking God, I’m therefore putting Him first. Now let’s talk about hubby.

So with the New Year coming in, and Valentines day around the corner, I decided to share some ideas with you to make him feel extra-special.  It’s not always about sex, and seducing him. Sometimes we can love our mates in more subtle ways that pierced the heart, while leaving the clothes in tact (smiling)!

Idea #1 – 7 days of sweets and love notes

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Place a variety or his favorite sweets in the container, along with a sweet love note. It could be a quote or a fond memory you have of the both of you. Or simply why you love him. Each day he opens before bedtime. I bet when the seventh day comes, he will be medicated and ready for fun!! Smiling….

Okay you guys this is where the clothes can come undone. Umm, only married couples should try this!!! Because they are supervised by God!

Idea #2 Skittles

Add some skittles in a zip lock bag and put a note that says, “you bring color to my life!”

Idea #3  I want to shower you with love

Create a basket of body washes, shaving creams, razors, and aftershave. Which should all be His favorites.

Idea #4 Eggstra Special!

Cook him an oversized serving of eggs. When he says why did you cook so many eggs? You reply, “because I think you’re eggstra special!

Idea #5 Massage, while guessing a scripture.

Your purpose is to give him a  body massage and you must wait for him to get it right. You can either give Him the verse or for example Psalm 91 he must give verse. But if you give the verse he will give you Psalm 91 for an answer. If he gets it right then it will bring you guys closer together as one with Christ. This one is fun. He don’t know scripture then no massage. Just give him the bible and say, “you miss out when you don’t read the word of God!”

Idea #6 The Bible in hand

You simply look him in the eyes and place your bible in his hand, and say this how I’m able to love you. I hope this picture last a lifetime. The picture view is the bible between the both of you. Symbolizing God in the middle holding the two of you together. (My favorite)!

photo credits: Pinterest

Successful marriage. Love this! I think flirting with your husband is such a wonderful thing!

I believe husband and wife should be best friends. There should be no secrets. Secrets comes to the light and divorces happens. Make time for each other. Don’t compare your mate to that of another. Build him up every chance you get. Leave love notes around the house, vehicle etc.

Get creative and send him a flower with a box of chocolates.

His ways are higher than our ways. Let your marriage be a marriage that is WORTH fighting for.

Okay, so be creative and most important make Him feel special because he is. There are plenty ideas to say I love you. Women make sure you are keeping home in tact. Make time to share with each other. Even if it’s an hour a day. Definitely pray together as a family. But pray for each other too.

Marriage is hard work. I’m not saying he hasn’t slept on the couch a few times, but you best believe I was at the other end sleeping on the couch too. We both never made it to our bed. A good movie and some wine will do that to you. A good man never sleeps alone!