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Hi, I see you made it. Thanks for taking time out of your busyness to join me. I invited each of you to see what was shown to me while asleep. It is such a beautiful art to me. How miraculously God designed everything this includes you and me.

Okay, look at the picture and imagine sitting there at the beach. Listen carefully to what you hear and what you see. There is a lesson here for you as it was for me. Don’t let your mind wander off just wait patiently.  This is very important because it will express my spiritual growth of how I must continue to love you. How I love you now, when you think I’m just desperate and weak. Why? Because of how I choose to love you even when you are not nice, pretending, or unloving to me. 

ocean waves animated photo: ocean animated gone-to-the-beach.gif

The ocean waves move back and forth

on the shore, and back off once more.

It repeats this over and over.

But we don’t see the real beauty here.

We only see surf boards, and those small bikini’s.

Well, that’s not what God revealed to me.

You see I shed some tears over God giving me a heart

to love, give, and forgive people whose hearts are made of steel.

Don’t judge me I’m just keeping it real.

I asked Jesus, why are people are so

heartless ? It makes me cry.

I don’t look for approval from man. I just seek to be loved.

He revealed the beach to me, reminding me that

He sees my true heart, my hurt, and my love for His people.

That’s why I have so many gifts, and is blessed beyond measure.

I cry because I truly care, and would like it reciprocated in the sincerest form. (Well we don’t always get what we want).

But He said for me to love you like the ocean loves the shoreline.

Exactly, what does that mean, Jesus? Give me a visual. He replied,

“I am the ocean with Him as one, and you are the shoreline that keeps

pushing us away.” “We keep coming back even when you don’t want us to stay.”

What a beautiful sight of love. Loving the difficult and unloving is priceless, even if I shed a few tears!

I cried even more because this is how we suppose to love each other God’s way. Most

importantly, I realized this is how He is still treated from even those who claim they’re

a Christian! God is my strength, and my treasures awaits me in Heaven. Nothing will deter me from that. I will continue to love you like you’re a pot of gold, and you are. You are God’s creation. My sisters and brothers through Christ our Creator!

Yes, I write different from you, I create different from you, but our hearts suppose to look the same but I’m not so sure anymore. Because my heart is not unforgiving, hard or full of holes. It’s soft, whole and full of God’s love. No one is perfect or without sin alone. But if you are in Christ how can you carry the traits of the world?

I always like to say you can’t serve God using the devil’s utensils, somebody won’t get spiritually fed!