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Promise Cross  A fluid, graceful cross is embraced by a heart: symbol of the Father's love, the gift of His son, and the promise that "whoever believes in Him should not perish." Designed by artist Patrick Neuwirth, handmade in his Texas studio, steel cross has predrilled nail holes for attaching to a wall.

photo credit: signals.com

He took the cross

just for you and me

yet it’s not enough because

we don’t see Him,

we only see

material things

He has so much love

for us

more than anyone or anything

but you only feel HATE for the begotten son

well, that includes me.

You talk about Him then you are

talking about me

but you choose to not see

the three nail holes

plus the cross

means forgiveness

which means a New Beginning.

No, He is not History!

He made History, which is all about

you and me.

But you too blind to see His love

my love all wrapped in one.

So I will love for both us, until I have NONE.

I don’t think YOU WILL SEE that day ever come.

As long as I got Him, I will always have love for you.

I will love you more than you love