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I don’t want to be a good person. I want to be a loving person, and I am.

I don’t want to live in doubt. I want to show a doubtful world what Faith is all about.

I don’t want to compete with you. I rather share a cup of Christ and bring our

creativity together for His glory! He would love that. I say share because it ensures me

that we are partaking from the same God. For there are many idols.

I don’t want to be bitter, but sweet as honey for all to taste and share.

I don’t want to believe in magic, but witness miracles for all to know

the Savior, our Savior Jesus Christ is with me, and you wherever we may go.

So if you’re following me, you will meet Him because I take Him everywhere I go.

He is my CPR. Do you need to be resuscitated ?

I want to practice loving you each day even when you’re not so nice.

I want to practice forgiving because it is me who needs a peace of mind during the

storms. I just open up my bible and then my heart to receive a spiritual lift to give you

the gift of love with sincerity.  As I’m being lifted up I remove the three and place it

with a four.  I know God has great things for the New Year in store.

Happy New Year followers, family and friends, and I wish you many more. I’m

glad I was obedient because if I wasn’t, I would never have met each of you.

I blog because I love God, and I follow you not because you follow me.

But because I can’t love God, and not love you, you see?. That would be hypocritical,

and that’s not how God designed me. I’m ready to see what each of you have to share

for the New Year with me. Christmas is still in my heart, just stick around and you will

see. Different day, but same Christ that created you also lives inside me.

When I share a message with you sometimes it’s not sweet music to your ears, but I

must share truth here because God is very near. Each post applies to me as well

because I don’t want to lie, and go to hell. I’m just the servant serving my MASTER

which means doing His will!

Let’s celebrate the birth of Jesus all over again, even though the world think it’s a sin.

Let’s throw those worldly opinions in the trash bin, while making new friends and share

the love of Christ!

Striking Collection of  Happy New Year Cards 2014

photo credit:graphicsheat.com

It’s a New Beginning, not the End!!!