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I have soooo many thoughts on Jealousy including it's not healthy, it's related to envy which is a sin, and I don't practice it EVER! But, most importantly I think that it blocks your blessings!!

You invite someone in your heart to learn about them. Share everyday life and all the stuff in between. Social media could be a great tool that allows us to share our lives and what we do, but if you invite the wrong people in they may turn it around and use it against you.  Jealousy and envy are the tools that the adversary use to destroy and abuse relationships.

Christmas is usually where friendships and relationships are destroyed. Because people love to compare who has received what from under the tree? Or who has a friend or two. God’s love is not jealous, envy, or bitter. I thought you knew.

If you practice love without any jealousy you can just be a friend, mother, father, son, daughter, husband, sister, brother, or just a loving servant being loving to each other. Jealousy is when we count another’s blessing over our own. I believe we all have been guilty of this at some point in our lives. I love social medias because it allows us to connect in various ways, but it can be deadly to those who are not content with their lives. They began to use it to window peek into another life for the wrong reasons.

They want to control who or what you post on your own social media. Perhaps you find someone showing love to someone you should have been showing love too. They have a choice to peek into your world. When you’re invited into someone’s home you don’t take over or tell them what to do, unless it directly concerns you.

positivelifetips:  Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. They’re the ones who think you are better than them...

The most upsetting thing about it is you invite them in to share, and not hurt you or make you feel like you are doing something wrong by living your life and sharing. I have to say if you are miserable from viewing someone’s life then you choose to be miserable! Don’t watch others live out their dreams, make your own.

If you’re envying or jealous of the way someone looks, then work on what is displeasing about you. Someone’s home, it’s materialistic and it can’t go to Heaven. If you are jealous of someone’s friendship to another, I say to you to be a friend, and cherish the friend you have and stop wasting time abusing it. You may lose it because personally, I find jealousy to be unhealthy, unnerving , and it hinders your blessings from God. No one provokes you to be jealous, you just choose to!


You still show love, and always pray for each other even those who use us, hate us, or cause chaos when you show love to them. God is always watching. I realize the unloved is who Christ inspires us to love not those who love us back. But He gives us common sense. You don’t hang around those who belittle you, lie, or use and love you secretly. Then turn around and treat you like the vigilant!

Secretly means, you have a great relationship out of public view but if you were to look closely they make you feel like you are the party behind closed doors. Beware! You ever had someone invite you to a party, but when you got there you felt uninvited? Ever had someone talk about a friend they cherished a lot, but when you looked closely there was no sign of that friend’s existence? It was a one way trip? They won’t or don’t love you, and they don’t want anyone else to love you.  My advice is this:


Blessings to you as you de-clutter your heart for a Happy New Year, because your JOY (Jesus Overshadows You) belongs to YOU!