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You ever had something that you were just now good at, but you continued anyway? Well, out of all my subjects, History and having to write long research papers just wasn’t my thing. I made A’s but I had to work harder than most. I use to get all bent out of shape. But one day God asked me to do the impossible, and write for His blog. Tell the History of His journey to others. That’s what’s important!

I thought how humiliating, this would be for me. I was horrible at writing and only knew about Adam and Eve!  But then He said you can be creative and meet new hearts especially, with you being a stay at home mom now. Oh my meet new hearts, that would be awesome. I love people wherever I may go. I’m not anti social at all.  It will help you transition from the hard, but right decision of leaving twelve years of service to your country behind. I would get to be creative (strong area) with the blog and share my stories through Him. The good and the bad. He would take my weakness, and fears and turn into a strength through Him!

So I stepped out on faith and began my journey. Sometime when you read my post you will find I get excited and may use two or three exclamations instead of one. My over use of commas is my way of showing you that the message is what’s important. Perhaps I’m still growing in this area or realized perfection is of the only Begotten Son. I have Him so there’s no need for me to compete with Him. I mean why does there have to be two perfect ones? Besides it takes away all the fun!

God turns my mistakes into pure perfection because of my obedience and love for Him, and I do love Him even when I don’t think I should be loved! Some who are very good at writing, don’t even blog for Him or they place limits on how many post to write for Him each day.  Some use to say to me spread them out or you will lose followers because they get overwhelmed!

Then I’m doing what God ask if you’re overwhelmed with Love!!!! Isn’t that a true Christians job anyway?

Those who choose not to follow perhaps were never true followers at all. True followers of Christ will always love others where they are. Some of you may not post because you haven’t been led, I suggest you pray so you can be spiritually fed. Because God always got a message, you either receive it or you don’t. Just like the devil always have a plan to destroy.

Every true Christian knows there is no limits of God’s love. As for me I post as He leads me to. He gave me something for His people and there goes those commas, and exclamation points dancing to the question marks!!!! God what shall I say today? Take a break during the Christmas holiday, no way.  He died for us, I have a lot to say!!!!

I can now write all day just like I pray. They go hand in hand for me. I pray … I write ..I pray, I have something to write about. No pray, no write !

I write with joy and a passion to reach each of you, and share with you His stories. Some of you may be bothered by a thing or two, but I don’t write just for you. There is a higher being that equips me to do what I do. I’m here to love you where you’re at, not be ridiculed! I’m here to share God’s love for me not do what you say do.

I pray you love me where I’m at as I journey in all my mistakes. I promise I won’t quit, and I’m never fake. So don’t get caught up in other’s mistakes because someone(Jesus) is erasing each mistake you make . Just remember the cross where your sins were laid to rest. Would you believe I have a Bachelor in Healthcare Administration (requires lots of writing) graduated with a 3.2, three years ago while being a servant, wife, a  mother of five, and owner of a dog, four blogs, and an online store?

I served for my country and now for the Savior of the World who can ask for more?

You see God is good. Lesson here never judge a book by its cover. My cover belongs to Christ, not you. Don’t be disappointed, I thought you knew! He is the author and you the reader. When God asks you to do something you don’t get caught up in the commas, question marks, and exclamation points unless you telling your story without Him. He is only interested in your heart of obedience.

I have my degree because I placed all the worldly expectations of me at Jesus feet. My obedience and love for Him is what brought you here. I know I write a lot, I’m just being obedient and I love to write now. He told me to overwhelm your inbox by filling it with His LOVE, so there’s no room for the SPAM of the world.

How do you delete or not follow someone who shows you love? Is Jesus not my Father? Doesn’t Jesus love me? Does He love me any less than you based on whose grammatically correct, or on how many post you write? He loves unconditionally, you should practice that and not rob it.