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How do you know you are a Christian?

One question for you. Who is the person you love the least? Is it a friend, family member, or neighbor? I mean if you can name someone, or at least more than one person then there is your answer. 1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

I may not like ones behavior, and someone may not like mine, but I still love them as a person and see them as God’s child. God ask me to love them. I have some who don’t show me  love. They stick around for their own curiosity, or gain. That’s okay because as long as I’m living God’s way, perhaps His love will show them the right way to love. I won’t give up on you because God didn’t give up on me when I was wearing my shoes of sin.

Kindness goes along way even when it’s not reciprocated back to me. I know God has my back, no matter what! God says, Shenine go do this, or give to such and such. I wait on God for directions. I don’t ask why, complain, or make excuses.  Some of you though, ask God for a flashlight. If you have God in you then shouldn’t you be the light? Why borrow a flashlight when you have to give it back?   

Do you only bless with empty words? Do you bless other with empty gifts that you consider trash. Do you think you are more worthy to receive better than they’re? Do you lie just so you don’t have to give back to God? Yes, God because it is God’s children who blesses you, and yet you rob and keep everything in your storehouse for self gain. Closed fist cannot receive. This includes given out of guilt or to clear your conscience. Don’t give God your partials. He needs all of you.

We know not the time of day we will awaken in Heaven at the gates and be judged. Your earthly treasures not your treasures anymore to give. I give what I have because what I have belongs to God to begin with. He loans everything to me to see if He can trust me with them. The blogs belong to Him too. I encourage His people faithfully with such a joy each day. These blogs are His business. I wake up delighted to share the good news in different ways. He is part of everything I do!

I can’t do it without Him. Rather you follow, or click like. I will still be here writing, and encouraging you and others. I love my Creator, so I create. Can you understand my heart? You are not supposed to understand it, just love it the way God loves YOU in all your mess.

Love those who spat on you.

Love those who ridicule, and persecute you.

Love those who give reluctantly.

Love those who give you their leftovers and not their treasures. Everyone knows leftovers always taste better.

Love those who don’t love you back, unless they can gain from you.

Love those who treats you like a nobody.

Love those who rob and use you.

Love those who gossip about you.

For you have all the treasures of Heaven and they have earthly things that will remain.

You have God’s love and they have only MATERIAL things.

What a shame!!