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The Holy One..Rejoice

I love Luke in the bible. I find the conception of Jesus intriguing. This love story is to die for, and He did. Jesus died for us. I will be sharing best I know how from what I read in the Bible, and my heartfelt thoughts on what was happening here. I’m no expert just a servant trying to seek, read, follow and share an extraordinary, and miraculous story that should be shared and cherished each day. So each day I will sip on a cup of (Luke 1: 11-50) , and share it with all who would partake without ridicule, but share in love. The message is important not the messenger. Matthew is also great reference point too.

Mary, the angel Gabriel, and Joseph

Mary, was a virgin , who lived in Galilee of Nazareth. She was engaged to be married to Joseph the carpenter. She was approached by an angel (Gabriel)who visited her and began to explain to her that she would conceive a son by the Holy Spirit. This son would be named Jesus. Prior to this Zacharias wife, Elizabeth(the barren one) womb was blessed with child. She was now five months pregnant. She was ridden her shame and disgrace of not being able to have children.

Keep in mind Gabriel appeared to Mary in the sixth month. There’s got to be some significance there. Why? It was specific in us knowing the time frame. I’m sure some of you can relate of not being able to give your husband a child or men loving the love of your life and not being able to produce your own seed. It’s devastating I’m sure. Okay back to the story of miraculous love!!!

In reference to Elizabeth.  I don’t know about you, but the best way I can explain this is, thinking back of my wrinkly old grandmother trying to have sex, and let alone being pregnant. Can you imagine your grandmother having sex, and giving birth? I love it when those wrinkly hands baked me cornbread, and shared her life stories with me, but sex and a baby is in the furthest part of my brain……all the way in the back buried. Way back there. Like I don’t want no shovel, to dig it up.

Here God shows up and does the impossible with Elizabeth! So you see nothing is impossible with God. Everything is in His time alone. Don’t let no one tell you, that you’re to old for anything. I hear women say their biological clock is ticking. You may want to rethink that! Remember Elizabeth. I’m just throwing it out there. Chicken Soup for the Womb (smiling)!

It was the sixth month that the angel appeared to Mary to give her the news of carrying Jesus. What was the relation here? Mary was a virgin, Elizabeth was a barren who whose womb was blessed by God before Mary’s. I found the difference and significance was that Mary was a virgin (untouched) and this is important to us because when we have union with our mate we are in sin. Yes, our marriage is sacred but because we were originally, born in SIN.

Jesus was NOT born in sin. No intercourse took place for Him to be conceived. So He was pure perfection and sinless. That is important! Back to Mary, the woman of faith.

Okay My Thoughts: I don’t know about you, but I can only imagine what was going through Mary’s mind. I would have been scared, confused and in disbelief. I mean can you imagine your wife now, telling you she is a virgin, and yourself being a virgin. I’m assuming Joseph too was a virgin. Your wife now, before she was your wife saying,” she is pregnant?” She then says, ” wait but I didn’t have sex, the Holy Spirit put the child there, you got to believe me!”

News Flash: Women don’t go telling your mate this, unless you have God with you, in you, and for you! Otherwise you may see Jesus a lot sooner .

I mean honestly, that wouldn’t go over well with my husband. He would probably say to me, “you are going to need the Holy Spirit! I wonder if Mary was concerned with being stoned. If we had stoning today, maybe adultery and divorces would be minimal. How old was Mary? She had to be pretty young and scared at that moment. Talk about butterflies in your stomach. I think my blood pressure would have sky rocketed. No I know it would have.

Hearing this news Mary, was afraid and worried. She thought how could this happen being a virgin? The angel explained that the child would be God’s own Son! That nothing was impossible with God. Mary was comforted and remained humble. But I loved what happened next. She rejoiced in God our Savior. This means to me she accepted the news gracefully. She didn’t complain like we would, or do. She wasn’t boastful either. Can you imagine the danger she would have been in had she revealed what was happening at that moment?

14 All right then, the Lord himself will give you the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel (which means ‘God is with us’). Isaiah 7:14

God is with us not just during the Christmas holidays, but everyday.

Blessings to you,