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Hi, thanks for stopping by here today! May you be inspired here as much as I am. Thank you God for inspiring me (clapping my hands)! Give God some praise!

I stretched my arms out this morning and said, “Lord I need you.”

Jesus: what do you need, Shenine?


Jesus: That’s all?

Me: It’s enough, thank you Jesus!

When was the last time you asked for a hug from Jesus? Oh, you can’t see Him? I got news for you, hugs are meant to be felt.

It’s important each day that we first pray before we be about our day! For if we pray then we would know what to say, to those who didn’t have time or feel the need to pray. Every true Christian know that Christ is the only way. When someone ridicules you, even when you try to show love, remember who is the servant and who is the judge. For the record, I’m the servant!!

Continue to show love to those who seem to be unloved or too selfish to accept yours! Someone may cut you off in traffic or throw up a finger or two. You can choose to pray for them or throw your middle finger back with a word or two.

You may go to the store and the cashier is very rude, you can let him have it, or show the world that true Christians don’t act like that. I’m not saying we are to be run over. What I’m saying, is when you run, I run, we run for the word of God to keep us covered.

Someone may think my grammar is off, my punctuation is not fit, I don’t write as eloquent as they would like it. Your email is overflowing with too many post to read, you can choose to FOLLOW Christ’s love, or click DELETE . I will continue to write for God, for it is Him I seek to please. Perhaps one would say, she has four blogs, and an online store is she out of her mind, and why is she giving away free gifts all the time?

When I go before Jesus, He said,” you’re doing just fine, those who think they can see are truly blind, and those who can see truth are mine.” He is the giver of life and death, and he don’t rob the poor. He blesses, heals, love, and comforts wherever He may go. So make sure your actions and words are spoken after you pray. Because the world is watching you with a magnifying glass every second of the day!

If you haven’t prayed then go pray, so your day is purposed, and planned God’s way! Noticed I said God’s Way! This doesn’t mean you will get what you want, but you will get what you need. Maybe you will be taught something today. You may run into some bumps, but God will be your cushion in every way. Prayer opens the gates. So be real with who you are, and not fake. You should be loving not bitter to those who pass your way.

You will see photos of me, and messages to inspire and encourage you attached. Not because I’m conceited but because I’m practicing to love the fearfully & wonderfully made me each day. If I can truly love all of me that is pleasing, while discarding what’s NOT. It is then I can truly love you as I love myself with all I got (with a heart of God)!