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Smile even when you don’t want to because someone is watching, and they could be having a worst day than you.

Smile even if someone ridicules you, or is rude. Will you follow God or do as you choose?

Smile at your enemies sincerely from the heart, because ,what do you have to lose? Smiling is better than losing your cool, and blowing a fuse. Kill them with kindness from beginning to end. As a Christian you know the love of God always, win! You never know you may just bring them to Christ. While gaining an eternal friend.

Pray for them because you don’t know their situation or circumstances. Don’t be too quick to judge. I’m learning that we are to love not be revengeful or do evil for evil.

God does the impossible! He never was mean to those who persecuted Him, whipped Him, spat on Him, betrayed Him, or called Him names. Are we so above Him, we can’t do the same?

Smile because you love Jesus and you trust Him to handle those who lie, hurt, ridicule, wound, hate, mistreat, or belittle you every chance they get. Remember the shoes you wore before you were saved.

Be beautiful. Smile often because someone is depending on it. Many ask why am I always so bubbly, energetic and always smiling like I have no issues. I did have issues but I gave them to God this morning for the unexpected ones and last night before bed for the ones before bed. I mean they are out of my control why waste time sulking over them.

God grants me the serenity to accept what I cannot change. The courage to change the things I could, and the wisdom to know the difference. So my Math said this:

+ God – the problem = peace of mind (add God which deletes the problem for me to worry, or solve therefore giving me peace of mind)! You got to start trusting Him at some point so why not now. So I smile because the weight is off my shoulder to solve. That’s easy Math. My homework is to pray without ceasing, and I have a lot to pray about, but much more to be thankful for.