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Hi, and thanks for stopping by. Okay, so it’s officially Winter here, and I have been inspired to do something with some of my Winter clothing, instead of going off budget, and buying expensive sweaters that are seasonal. My inspiration came from my 3 inch cow print shoes that I bought at a consignment for under $10.

So I decided to recycle, revamp, and refashion a sweater that I had. It actually could be worn as a sweater dress. So I decided to be bold, and creative with this one. If you don’t have a sweater of this color tone, then go to your local Goodwill, or thrift store to find one.  Just remember there is no right or wrong to your creativity! If you see something you like, ask yourself these three questions:

Is it possible to DIY?

If so would it cost you more to DIY it, or more to purchase it.

Last, does time permit you to DIY?

Bonus: You actually get to see the beginning and end result of this, to help you decide if you will try this. This is for the bold at heart, and creative soul!

Cow sweater

Okay, lets get started, you will need the following supplies:



Fabric glue

Cow print felt (I bought two) for $1.09 each for a total of $2.18 plus tax @ JoAnn My sweater is a pretty good size.


Next cut each black cow shape piece out like photo above. How simple is that? Then you want to position each cut out, and place them on your sweater anyway you like. Now you can began to glue them on. Once you have glued them all in place, then allow to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing. You have a fashion makeover for under $10. Hint: I even glued a few pieces on the elbows of my sweater, and left the back plain.

Fashionable and budget friendly.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have. You can try this on sweater hats to coordinate with your sweater too. Be creative! Remember you are an original, so create original Timeless Treasures to cherish Forever.