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I give romance a new meaning

Your thoughts create me

there’s no wrong or right with me

I’m full of life, always having a purpose

My form and shape looks like your heart

I lie inside each of you

I inspire you and others to do what you doubted was possible

I’m more than what you imagine

Even when you’re disappointed in me, I still exist and inspire others

I’m still your piece of art that others embrace like a treasure

I’m everywhere

I’m contagious, contaminating every social media there is

I sit and await dormant inside you, for that small spark of light

Will you light me?

When you become lifeless, I will revive you

I am

You are


There are no boundaries for me because I LOVE MY CREATOR, SO I CREATE!!

I love being me, and no one else. I create because it’s my passion to just be me, an ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE!!

Ignite your creativity, be creativity and embrace, inspire, and enjoy it each day. After all, it’s a gift from God. May Timeless Treasures , imprint upon your heart Forever !