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Photos credit: fairygardens101.com (Molly Mackenna)

Visit: http://fairygardens101.com/other-broken-pot-fairy-gardens/  for more of these. Perhaps you’re a visual like me, and can just create your own by sight. It’s pretty self-explanatory! The breaking is the real technique, unless you have some that broke just right!

I love this idea, and think I will try this one with some faith, joy, love, and happiness signs (I love words) along with some critters, or butterflies. This is whimsical, and definitely creative at best! You can add colorful perennials, and annual flowers too. Just be careful with broken pieces around little children. I have some terra-cotta pots, but I won’t keep the broken pieces (maybe I will). I think you can file the edges of the pot from and rough edges it may have.

Picture below: Molly named this Penthouse Dining!

broken-pot-fairy-garden-1 - Copy

If you try this or repurpose a broken pot, be sure to place in an area safe from small children, or explain to them not to play with it.

Remember: Repurpose, Recreate, Rejuvenate & be Refreshed in Creativity! All while saving money. You don’t have to buy more flowers, use some from your garden, or a piece off an existing plant. If you don’t have a garden, plants, or flowers then go to the Dollar Store, and buy 2-3 packs of seeds for $1 each! Once they become mature you can take pieces to repurpose for other garden projects, too. Be Creative, and use items in your home that are stored away perhaps, or on the trash waiting list.

These make great gifts in general, but especially for someone who loves gardening! Or someone who loves to cook this would be a great piece in the kitchen by a window.

I will post by design of this project in near future. Stay around to see what my heart comes up with. I can’t wait!



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