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dining room 57


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope each of you got your hearts filled, and full off a bountiful meal of love, peace, joy, and warmth from your family, and friends. Some turkey, and dressing wouldn’t hurt either……smiling!

I had a blessed Thanksgiving with my older sister, who surprised me with a visit from Florida. Her family stayed a couple of days with me, and my family. It meant a lot, to have her in my home for the first time. I believe, God truly answers prayers, but His timing on the prayers, we feel go unanswered, are more intimate, and rewarding in His time alone.  We had a house of fourteen, but we were one. I reflected on one church, as two families joined together along with my friend, Michal who stopped in to meet my sister too. She is such a beautiful young lady with a genuine heart for God, and our friendship.

My friend Michal

I took photos of my sister, but she made me promise not to post, because she wasn’t dressed for the occasion. I guess I must keep my promise, but someone should have told her we must always be ready for the lens…..smiling. In the end I have the memories of her, and each heart that came to visit embedded in my heart!

 We all went to Sunday service, and took communion together (woot woot), now that’s a big deal to celebrate! What could be more thankful than serving, and worshipping Christ, together? We are one church, no matter where we come from culturally.

As I prepared for the holiday of feasting, and fellowship. The table was decorated with a red cloth to remember the blood of Christ, that was shed for each of us. The true reason we are able to be together in unity, and blessed with the bountiful blessings placed before us! The rest is just my everyday decoration.

I love color especially, reds and oranges as you can see in my dining room. I’m very bold, eclectic in my designing. I love the energy this room brings to all who enters. My holiday table represents the warmth, love, joy, and authenticity that was present in our home, over the Thanksgiving holiday, and still is.

I was a true servant of hospitality, a gift from God I use daily!

Blessings to you all!