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Every now and then the Heavens open up, and outpour a few blessings. This is one of those few. Meet my friend Jekarra Gaines, who is also a rising upcoming R&B singer. This is a very talented young lady who is beautiful inside out.

I have actually had the pleasure of being a mentor, but most importantly, encouraging her as she has inspired, me in more ways than one, on my journey to my online store. She has been a blessing in disguise. God usually, works that way (hidden blessings) at the right time. Of course she would tell you the same about me. She has had the honor of auditioning for America’s Got Talent, and should find out the results in January. I won’t let her quit when things get rough, as they do.

She loves children, and has even given us an invite to her home. How blessed I am with her hospitality, and friendship. I knew she was a keeper when she actually volunteered to do my girl’s hair. That’s like hitting the lotto. Have you seen my girl’s hair? It’s a lot of work, let me tell you. ( That’s another post by itself)! Thank God for the person who invented pony tails hairstyle…giggling!

Jekarra Gaines | Never Enough

Visit: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jekkara to listen, and purchase. She has a beautiful voice.  She models, and has been featured in some movies too. She remains humble, and very genuine. She received her shirt “The Cross Changes Everything,” and sent me a picture, and message saying she loved her shirt, and how I was truly an inspiration to her. She since has been supporting my passion by sharing with others.  I’m thankful to touch this young soul for Christ! Most importantly, I’m grateful for friendships that are genuine, and sincere. I think that’s key! Anything less just becomes a distraction to our passion in life.


Blessed, I am. Pray for me as I continue my journey building my business, while encouraging others.  As well as giving back to those in need. One step at a time with friends who actually care. It’s PRICELESS! Thank your friend today who has been there for you along the bumps. Thank God for sending them your way, and cherish them!

Genuine friendships: pour into each other. It’s balanced with honesty, and is never jealous, or envy, but supportive, and loving. Most importantly, you will find God in the middle bonding it like crazy glue!