Be Better Not Bitter

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be thankful for the small things, for they help you appreciate the big things.

Be thankful for your mistakes because they help you grow, and become who you are.

Be thankful for the difficult times because they teach you to depend on God, and grow spiritually.

Be thankful for the little children for they show us that miracles exist everyday.

Be thankful for the desire to be loved because it allows us to receive it, and spread it to others, through Christ!

Be thankful for time with family and friends, because tomorrow is not promised.

Be thankful for the food placed before you because the homeless is hoping for the breadcrumbs you leave behind.

Be thankful for Jesus Christ because you exist because He lives. Be thankful for His grace alone. Because it is the reason you exist today, to share, family and friends!

I’m thankful for forgiveness, and His strength when…

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