Be Better Not Bitter

Note: Please pay attention to the bold text. Search your hearts today. I have, and may you receive, without losing sight to what God is speaking to your heart to see. Don’t look at the messenger but the message that speaks truth to your lifestyle or situation. So we may get right with God. God uses each of us differently to deliver His word, or warning to His people.

Bread, not cake!

The Message

Blessings to you my friends, neighbors and those against the Savior. Today is the day to get off your DIET (Doubt In Every Trial), or (Doubt In Every Thing). How many of you walk around doubting God when things get hard? How many of you just doubt in any, and everything when it’s not in front of you?

When doubts and fears show up as our voice, they’re there to remind us to grab our faith from within, and…

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