Be Better Not Bitter

flowers and butterflies

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Jesus, please grant me and others who journeys through peace of mind. Calm our troubled hearts. When my soul becomes like a turbulent sea all out of control. Make me still in your peace, which is trussed worthy. When I can’t seem to find my balance and I stumble and worry over a period of time, give me the strength and clearness of mind to find my purpose predestined for me by you. I trust your Love God, and know that you will heal every burden seen and unseen to me.

Be my eyes Jesus, so I don’t go down the wrong path.

Be my ears so I don’t receive false information from the enemy.

Be my heart so I’m not deceived by false relationships, friendships, or false encouragement from others. Lord, everyone that prays for me is not really for me. Everyone that calls upon your name is not for you…

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