Be Better Not Bitter

Everyone has a purpose. Maybe yours is to change the world. Maybe it's to change a persons world. Or helping someone who needs their world changed.

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Life can be overwhelming, stressful, and leaving us empty. You know when your car is on empty then you won’t go very far will you? You don’t even know where it will make its final stop! That’s how I felt riding in my car Saturday. I dislike riding on empty and gambling with nature. My husband, is the expert though of how many miles it will make it before giving out. Very stressful situation to be in, so don’t!

I can’t do that! But I thought about our temple becoming low or empty on Christ! I don’t care how much money you have, or if you are the president of a billion dollar company, when you don’t have Jesus that everlasting fulfillment of belonging you will crash, or feel empty or like something is missing. Have you felt like this?

Everything has a price they say, why…

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