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photo credit: timelesstreasuresstore.com

Somehow today, many separate Christ from their everyday activities and way of living. They only visit Him on Sundays, and pray when in trouble, but I don’t see me living without Him. My business is Christ, and my everyday activities starts with Him, and ends with Him. I can do nothing without Christ. He is my purpose, passion, plan, and the reason for my mere existence.

His laying His life down for me is not even capable of being expressed in words, but in action. As He blesses me, I strive to give back to Him. How do I do this? By loving others, and placing their interest in my heart. By not being selfish, or self-centered. Consistently, loving the difficult hearts, no matter what. As I started and launched my online store, I vowed to inspire, encourage, and share my love for God through my TAGS (talents, abilities, gifts, and skills) with all who cross paths with me, to include my neighbors.

I was inspired through my journey of becoming an entrepreneur for God. I say this because everything we do is supposed to be for the kingdom of God. Being an entrepreneur requires taking risk. It’s a risk in a business world that don’t accept my God or acknowledge Him. How do we share the news to a world who rejects Him? By loving them, and living faithfully. But most importantly, sharing His word without shame! So I decided to dedicate my life to Christ, and not the world expectations of me. The only rules is to love God and my neighbors. To be pleasing to God is to love Him without being ashamed of Him. It doesn’t matter the circumstances or the status of our society, but each of us accepting, and knowing personally, that “The Cross Changes Everything!” 

The Cross Changes Everything- female

The Cross Changes Everything- female

So there it was, the t-shirt that would represent Christ’s love for you and me.  Be a voice and share the message. These inspirational shirts make great gifts of God’s love action for us. He paid the price for us. May you know His love is greater than anything or anyone on this earth. This is a powerful message of love to me. When I completed this design, I was truly in tears because having a visual, and overwhelming feeling of what He endured for us is so surreal! I’m thankful and will love out loud, and tell others of how the cross changed(s) everything for me. Look at the message on the shirt, and know how much He loves us. We are truly special to Him in every way. He Loves us, no doubt!

Shirt Representation

The Cross is enlarged to represent the weight of the world. The flames represent our sins Jesus carries the cross of our sins. His shed blood cleansed our sins and gave us a second chance at eternal life. As the blood drips down  it symbolizes His blood, is the only blood that can change everything.

Remember to give, and not grab. Give the gift of the cross to someone today. These would make great Christmas gifts. visit:  http://www.timelesstreasuresstore.com