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Women paintings by Xie Chuyu1 Women paintings by Xie Chuyu

photo credit: xaxor.com

I want to replay my love song “forever!”

As I slip into your favorite dress, and reach for my bouquet

that’s aged by almost ten years.  I see the beauty of what was once

young, and fresh is now a collectible antique that cannot

be priced. You are a priceless piece that have grown with me.

You are my love song, and our hearts create the music

of true love, unity and harmony played like  an orchestra.

I want to replay each beat of our hearts, even when they

are out of tune. As long as they beat for each other

our love will always bloom.

I want to replay my love song “forever”

Because forever is with you…

and with you is where I belong!

You are my love song, I want to play

all night long, with the repeat button

right beside me.

Shenine – A light to all…