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Live Laugh & Love

Live Laugh & Love

Live Laugh Love Garden Bouquet

I captured this garden planted by me with love in the Fall. I love taking nature pictures because it really makes a great gift to send to someone. You can cut flowers right out your garden and place in a jar, and give to someone who needs encouragement. Or is feeling bad, or just because! I love to send it via text message with a scripture or my own personal words to someone in thought ♥

The great thing is it is inexpensive and more sentimental to me vs. buying expensive flowers, and gifts. Sometimes it is the small intimate things that counts, and generates smiles. You can print the photo from home or take it to your local store such as Walgreen, or Wal-Mart and print a quality shot for under a dollar to send or turn it to a postcard.

Remember being creative, does not mean being expensive!